Lex Maternity

My best friend found out that she is expecting her second, the same week that I found out that we’re expecting our first. I’ll never forget the day January 11th taking the test, and her being the first person that I immediately contacted, because the fear of the unknown just hit me. My husband wasn’t home at the time, as he was taking a test, so I was unable to call him. I was nervous, but excited at the same time. I got a hold of her, and all while she was trying to calm my anxiety, she had also shared that she was pregnant too. I didn’t believe her at first, as I thought it was a joke, and then the thought immediately went through me “are we seriously pregnant together, all like we have wanted” Yepp, we sure are! As I’m due with my first September 9th, she will be due with her second exactly a week after me on September 18th! What a better experience than to be pregnant with your best friend!  I was so beyond happy when she asked for me to do her maternity photos again, like I did the first time with my godson. We had such perfect weather on the day we took her maternity photos, and she was just absolutely glowing<3.



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