Hello There! I'm Corianne, but feel free to call me Cor. I'm a born and raised Yinzer, who often daydreams about the sun and beach, while living in this unpredictable weather, that Pittsburgh has to offer. Other than living my dream as a Wedding and Portrait Photographer capturing life's most precious moments. I also live with the amazing title as a wife and a mom. I married my high school sweet heart of 15 years, we have an amazing four year old little boy, a two year old daughter, and a 10 year old boxer. 

Just some things that I love and enjoy!
- My Family
- Dogs (Boxer's especially), Elephants, Beluga Whales, and Dolphins!
- GOT (House Stark!) This is us, Good Girls, The voice, and Teen mom (ya I know I'm no longer a teen LOL) 
- Obsessed with Pizza and Ice cream (shout out to Julianos and Antneys!)
- Johanna and Chip Gaines AKA fixer upper (I hope to be able to have them remodel my home one day)
- Entering in contests on Instagram (Although I always seem to lose)
- Fitness
- A good romance or horror movie
- Halloween and Christmas
- Fashion 

I want to make your memories unforgettable

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Photography by CORIANNe C photography, llc