Intimate couples session-Pittsburgh, PA

Intimate couples session

I’m so excited to be sharing this intimate couples session taken at Fairview Park, Pittsburgh PA

A few short months ago I posted on my facebook page, that I was searching for a couple with tattoos for a intimate couples session, and was searching for a couple, who was comfortable with being candid in front of my camera with minimal posing. I have been wanting to get more into these types of sessions for quite some time now. I have been working on more of capturing my clients in natural moments, rather than posing.

I’m a lover of raw emotions, and I often tell my clients to ignore the fact that I’m even there, and focus more on each other. However, I know being in front of the camera can be intimidating at times, and uncomfortable for some people. I’m trying to find ways to help those kind of clients with feeling more comfortable in front of lens, as you can see natural emotion makes the best kinds of photos hands down!!!

I stumbled upon this beautiful couple during my search, and I was completely in awe of them when going through their facebooks.  You could tell they were both still absolutely in love with one another by looking at their photos on their pages, as you could see the genuine smiles on their faces. I didn’t even have to think twice, and knew they were the couple that I was looking for with this type of session.

I instantly messaged Tiffany, and I was so incredibly excited, when she responded with her interest in the shoot.  I’m so glad that I had chosen them for this shoot! They’re both such down to earth people, and again their love for one another is just so apparent. They just giggled, played, talked, kissed, and whispered during the whole photo shoot. I had to give them little direction during the shoot, as they just did almost every pose and shot naturally.

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  1. Barb Metallo says:

    I love this session!!


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